If you have an antisocial community manager you have a problem

Some are trying to energize a community by hiding behind a computer. We have to realize that this is about people and that it is not just technology.

I have been training community managers for some time, let’s call them community managers. What I want to translate in this article is my workhorse in each intervention or conversation about the type profile of a community manager.

If you have an antisocial community manager you have a problemThis is not technology, …

We still do not understand it, more tools and more applications, and more metrics .. that crazy. This is not going from that, it is about changing things and making them different from connecting with people causing the interior to move. Companies that do not adapt to these changes will disappear do not know when, but they will.

… of sociology

A possible client told me that “the community manager that has in his company comes almost without greeting, does not get up from the table gets into the computer and you do not know what you do.” It was out of my mind and I told him that I did not have a community manager, I had an antisocial-geek who was never going to connect with anyone virtually because he does not know how to do it in real life.

Understand what people need

We can use 400 social networks and tools, but if we have no idea what people need we have a problem. In addition we have to go beyond what they need, we need to surprise them, to excite them, to move the soul, to provoke reaction and to generate the butterfly effect. Do not focus on the tools, tomorrow you can read 4 blogs and 2 videos on YouTube, or go to a workshop that will teach you how to handle them very well.

Create real, non-virtual experiences

He’s not going to sit in front of the computer, he’s going to action. The best professionals I know are not quiet, they carry their computer everywhere but they are great public relations. Yesterday told me this future client that it is very difficult to find a good communicator, public relations and technologist. Indeed, “I said,” as in all the professions of the world good things are scarce and usually have to be paid.

Change and improve every day

I love well written projects, those that are made at the beginning are bound and are like the holy book. It is one thing to have a plan of action and another is to be immovable, just like sometimes having a business plan only serves to see that you have the head half furnished, this is about people and we are unpredictable and changeable. It is necessary to adapt to the internal factors, external of society in general, to know what happens in the world, it is not like the maintenance that they charge you to have the hosting of your web. It is much more to adapt, change, improve.

Turn now

That Facebook, Twitter, Google are here in passing. We are on an obsessive plan with this, the social web is something else. We must connect with people, and now, thanks to social networks we can do better, but it is not the goal, it is the medium. We should take them to our spaces blogs, websites, we have to get their email, their name, we must know what they like and how to get excited. Do not paraspame, do not confuse. Sales must arrive, you have to do a tracking of everything and always have this word in mind BECOME.

That excuse of the price

It makes me laugh to talk about this issue, if we all bought for price why we erase almost all the emails that come to us from the coupon companies without even opening them. We are back with this, it is not a question of price, there are many reasons that motivate us to buy but much less the price is the only one. There are many companies struggling in that sea of ​​sharks and in the end will end up killing each other. It excites, helps, connects, exceeds expectation and the price will pass into the background.

Now I invite you to get up from the chair, you go to the garden, no mobile. Write a list of people you would like to meet and those you do not know and do what you can to match, think of how you can surprise them, how you will make them feel different.

You already have it? And now what is your plan of action?

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