How to go About Creating a Capsule Wardrobe for Men

A capsule wardrobe is something that many people find keeps them looking stylish, saves time getting ready and choosing what to wear and keeps their wardrobe free of clutter. The key to having a capsule wardrobe is to have a few versatile, good quality items of clothing such as Farah Menswear from EJ Menswear.

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One of the first things to remember if you want to create a capsule wardrobe is that it works well because it is not cluttered so the first thing that you will need to do is to have a clear-out. Be ruthless, and be honest with yourself – anything that you haven’t worn in a long time, has seen better days or doesn’t fit should go, as well as if you have lots of very similar versions of the same item. They are just taking up valuable space in your wardrobe.

Once you have done this, you should just have the items that you really want to keep and wear regularly, and this is the foundation of a capsule wardrobe.

From here you can then work on what outfits you need to have. Of course this will depend on your job and your lifestyle – what do you wear in a normal week? Do you go to work in an office or a factory? Do you go anywhere in the evenings? What about on the weekend, how do you normally spend your time then? This will help you to identify the outfits that you need in your capsule wardrobe.

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As well as considering how your daily life is, you also need to think about the seasons – one of the key parts of a capsule wardrobe are items of clothing that can be layered – so they can be worn alone in the summer and in the winter worn with other items for added warmth.

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