Report highlights the relevance of +1 against the links for SEO

The popular “+1” with which users can share their contents google, seem to have more importance than facing SEO links. This was indicated by the study published by Moz less than a month ago. A statement that the own Matt Cutts tries to clarify, indicating that the important thing is the quality of content.

Google spokesman in all aspects related to the factors that influence search engine rankings will not cease in its efforts to tell us, if the content is good, will attract users who appreciate quality with its recommendations as 1 Likes, RT or any social interactions.

Report highlights the relevance of +1 against the links for SEOA factor which also coincides Searchmetrics study, who emphasizes that Google is the most influential for the search king element, placing it ahead of any other condition or positioning strategy.

The recent research project conducted by Eric Enge confirms the official theory of Google, highlighting the urgent need to provide valuable content, mandatory condition to conquer both users and search engines.

Watching him carefully, all the data agree on the importance of providing valuable content, the element that enriches both an SEO strategy as Social Media. Users actively seek information about what interests them, to which they react assessing their quality with 1, and enjoy sharing along and breadth of Social Media. Search engines, especially Google, not pass them unnoticed this activity, and focus their attention on the relevant content to users. It is a cycle in which different elements involved, all driven by a single motor: quality content. A good content marketing strategy contributes to reap social mentions and increase the visibility of content on the Internet; In addition, if it really is good, other means indexed as a reference, thereby developing a strategy for linkbuilding as natural as effective.

Therefore, the current SEO not to pursue 1, or go hunting and capture of links, but to develop a strategy appropriate content, and give maximum publicity through social channels, in order to capture so natural traffic, links and social mentions.

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