The 6 most common mistakes that companies make on Facebook

A Facebook page is an indisputable Social Media tool. But when it is carried out or is poorly managed, there is a risk that it will generate more damages than benefits, so its creation and how it will be managed is of capital importance.

Absence of objectives

Many companies are jumping to Social Networks, without being very clear about their goals or objectives, how can you measure success if there are no objectives ?, Facebook makes available to administrators tools for measuring objectives.

It’s not you, it’s them

It is never about you or your brand. This of social media goes from your community, therefore anger of ‘them’ and of ‘us’, but never of ‘you’. Create community and successes will come later.


It is very easy in the ‘heater’ to enter the Social Media, make a fanpage and then spend weeks without looking for it, without spending time. The feeling of abandonment that is created is a clear prejudice to your branding or brand. Not only are you losing the opportunity to engage with your community on a platform where your users are an average of 55 minutes per day, it is also harming yourself with Increasing the chances of appearing in your fans newsfeeds.

The lack of commitment

If your community is dedicating its time to commit to the content that you are creating on Facebook, you should do the same. Reply to comments Do not start with “Okay, thanks” and similar things. That implies a total neglect by the opinion of the members of your community.

Give up too soon

The fact that there are 500 million people on Facebook does not mean that within 7 days of launching your fanpage you reach the levels of the Red Bull fanpage. The success of Facebook is like in most other aspects of life: you have to work hard and sustained. Waiving soon is a symptom of poor management.

Fanpage planning

The fact that you can create multiple custom tabs does not mean you should do it. Your Facebook page is not your website, it’s just a fanpage. If your strategy on the Facebook page is to put 10 tabs, you’re wrong. Too many tabs generate confusion and the visitor does not come back. It is vital before creating your fanpage that you can plan and be clear about everything previously mentioned, if you are not clear about it from the creative studio, we will help you, please do not hesitate to visit us in our office in Jaén.

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