Facebook pages do not work for small advertisers

Social networks are not, a priori, the best advertising support for SMEs. This is one of the conclusions exposed by Rubén Iglesias, CEO of Conteneo, in his presentation on advertising strategies for SMEs that took place at OMExpo, the most important digital marketing event held recently.

In this meeting, the people in charge of Conteneo offered a series of keys so that small and medium companies could hire advertising campaigns without the need to invest large budgets. Conteneo, the Basque company that develops and promotes business on the Internet, analyzes the results obtained after attending OMExpo, the main digital marketing meeting that was held recently in Madrid, where the organization offered small advertisers the keys to hire advertising campaigns profitable and without the need to invest high budgets.

In the event, Rubén Iglesias, CEO of Conteneo insisted that in advertising, small advertisers demand specific models based on their business structure, the type of organization they are and the budgets they handle. In this regard, he said that “it’s about finding solutions that allow them to hire, segment and manage advertising campaigns in a simple and economical way.” Replicating the advertising models of large firms, he continued, by trying to adapt them to his entity, does not allow SMEs to achieve the desired objectives.

Advertising for small advertisers

These reflections took place in the paper given by Rubén Iglesias in OMExpo, which under the title, “Advertising for small advertisers”, reviewed the different formulas and models of online advertising available today for SMEs, such as the Google Adwords tool, affiliate and e-mailing models, social networks or the traditional model of banners. In this context, the maximum leader of Conteneo analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options, from the prism of the small advertisers.

“Today social networks offer a wide range of opportunities for large advertisers with recognized brands, who can benefit from segmented campaigns and a base to which they can be formed by millions of users,” says Rubén Iglesias. “However, this model, although it is very fashionable, is not the most appropriate for small advertisers, since the [SMEs] lack of a massive recognition, can hardly attract new followers by creating a page on Facebook or Twitter” . The CEO of Conteneo explained that the followers of the profiles of these small companies are usually friends or current customers, so although social networks can be useful for customer loyalty, it is not the most effective or efficient way to attract new potential customers. .

Rubén Iglesias also analyzed the advertising model of the marketplace, a pioneer in the market but with a long history in the US, which allows access to a large number of media with a high degree of segmentation, from only 50 dollars and without needing have great advertising knowledge. To make known the advantages of this model, Conteneo made available to visitors more than 8,000 150 dollars bonds to use in its advertising market, Adpv. The company in this way makes available to small and medium-sized companies various media and advertising formulas that can be combined to make the most of their campaigns with tight budgets, so necessary in these times of generalized crisis.

Adpv is the Conteneo advertising marketplace. It is an online tool that allows advertisers to access: more than 2,500 online media (websites, blogs, Facebook Apps, Android applications, etc.) segmented into multiple themes; 28 eBooks packs (more than 675 works); and more than 1,280 offline supports (television, radio, mobile, press, magazines, external and BTL). The right combination of all these supports allows the development of comprehensive advertising campaigns that facilitate segmentation optimized by theme, geolocation, business model, etc.

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