F-commerce: Retailers are willing to sell through Facebook

Social commerce is in the minds of many companies, but a large majority still do not dare to take the first step because buying them through social networks like Facebook are still far from becoming a strong and solid trend.

It could also be considered the fact that it is difficult for consumers to feel a greater interest in this type of sales channels if there are not really businesses and stores that bet on the new F-commerce model.

The data of a recent report developed by the company Ability Commerce indicate that 79% of the main retail companies that operate through the Internet have Facebook pages, although only 12% offer applications or widgets that allow commercial transactions from the Internet. own social network.

The study, carried out jointly by comScore, Shop.org and Social Shopping Labs, found that 53% of Facebook users have reached a retailer’s website through a page in the social network and 35% of buyers in the social network. line indicated that it would be likely to make a purchase in it.

Facebook has become the center of social commerce, something that Compeite proves in its report, where it discovered that the number of online shoppers thanks to the pages of retailers on Facebook increased by 3% compared to the previous year, hitting the Blogs, forums and review sites. In addition, a third of respondents admitted to follow six or more consumer products companies in the large social network.

The possibility of knowing the offers and promotions of companies is a great attraction and main motive for users to follow them. More than 56% of respondents said that was the reason, and in general 58% (according to Shop.org) follows a company in any social network after that goal. Secondly, learn more about a retailer and stay up to date on the products.

According to Compete, more than 20% of online shoppers find Facebook pages “influential” or “very influential”, regardless of the channel where the transaction is completed.

For its part, PowerReviews found that the most used tools for users to get references on a product are the questions and answers within the same site and the forums, even more than Facebook, but it is still above Twitter or mobile.

Taking into account these findings, we see that Facebook is being used by buyers more than ever and that continues to grow in popularity, and retailers and consumer products companies also want to use the great social network, but for this it is necessary to forge more tools that allow access to sales.

If consumers are not yet able to make purchases directly through Facebook, exclusive offers can generate goodwill, loyalty and willingness to share that information, but they will not have as much conversion, but at the moment that it is possible to do so, the numbers they will increase much more.

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