8 Facebook clarifications on the controversial Promoted Publications

The functionality launched a few days ago by Facebook called Promoted Publications, has generated many doubts among social media professionals, both for the characteristics of its implementation, and for the real benefits it can bring. For this reason, Facebook marketing teams have launched an information campaign that solves the most important questions about this new service. Here I leave the answers that they have given to the community consultations, in a webinar to which I have had access.

Why has Facebook launched the Sponsored Publications?

Facebook suggests that the space in the news section of the users (wall) is limited. Publications of contacts, events and interactions with friends leave little room for brand publications. Therefore, they have decided to help companies reach more people with information. (Previous payment of a quantity of money

Where do the Promoted Facebook Posts appear?

When you post a post on your page, it is loaded into the biography and simultaneously displayed in the news section of the users that follow you. By using the Promoted Publication, this post will reach a greater number of your fans. Being able to reach the friends of these, at the moment that your fans interact with your content (making likes, sharing or commenting), generating stories that their friends will see in their walls.

What does facebook recommend to promote?

  • Promote important content for your users:  For example, promote special events, discounts and offers.
  • Be brief and use photos and videos: Do not write more than 3 lines of text, always accompanied by a photo or video that attracts attention. This will make it easier to share.
  • Use the statistical data: You can know what kind of publications work best. Try posting 2 different ones and see which one has the best response from your fans.

Why does not the Promote Post button appear on  my page?

First you must check that you are using facebook as a page. (Start> use facebook as).

If you still do not see this button at the bottom of the post, it may be related to the minimum number of fans you have. The Promoted Publications option is only displayed when you have more than 400 fans and less than 100 thousand. If you exceed 100 thousand fans, you will have to use the sponsored story ads to make sure you have a greater reach.

What can I do if I do not have 400 minimum fans to promote publications?

Invite your facebook friends. Import contact lists and clients. Use static promotion in visible places of your company or store. Claim the personalized address of your page on facebook. Create ads by segmenting users who may be interested in your service.

Can I direct the Promoted Publication to a specific segmentation?

Yes. Promoted Publications have the same segmentation options as regular post. Before publishing a post you can select the audience, by country or by language. The publication that promotions will be segmented to the same public.

What is the difference between the advertisements (sponsored stories) and the Promoted Publications?

  • Promoted Publications are only displayed in the users news section, not in the column on the right side of the page.
  • Both have targeting options, but ads have more targeting options.
  • With the ads (sponsored stories) you choose the budget you want to spend (minimum $ 1). With the Promoted Publications, it is Facebook that will suggest options to choose from. The more fans you have on your page, the higher the cost of the promotion, which will be charged once a day, depending on the activity that the promotion has.

How long can a publication be promoted?

The promotion of a post will last a maximum of three days. You can promote publications up to three days old. The statistics of these promotions can continue to be consulted even if the post is no longer promoted.

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