You know companies actually measure the ROI of your content strategy?

The content is king, that at this point no doubt. Hence the widespread commitment by companies. However, as with any marketing strategy, it is necessary to know the results and return on each of their shares. One aspect on which, in the case of content marketing, many companies still face the same dilemma.

The study published by Contently, reveals that 90% of them have no clear metrics you use are really adequate to measure the results of their content strategy. To do this, 69% used as an indicator the number of page views and unique visitors, and 65% takes into account the shares in Social Media.

You know companies actually measure the ROI of your content strategyInstead, half of respondents are not fixed in time spent on the site by its users, or conversion, either in leads or sales (42%).

The general trend for 50% of these marketers is that of being able to really understand the impact of its strategy of content among your target audience. 60% would like to know the opinion of its users, about the content. On the other hand, 54.6% are interested in finding out the influence of the actions of content on purchasing decisions.

What are the priorities in your content strategy?

72.5% say that the main goal of your marketing content is to increase brand awareness. Also, 47% is concerned with generating leads, while 45% showed his desire to position your brand as a benchmark, reinforcing its leadership.

Content marketing plays an important role in the overall business strategy. 88% of B2B companies consider this resource as a fundamental part of the different actions of their marketing strategies. It is also emerging as an effective strategy in generating leads. The survey published in April pro Demand Metric Research Corporation, indicated that 70% of companies allocate more resources in this area, in order to capture contacts interested.

The next step is to have the tools and resources necessary to assess the outcome of these actions, and get optimize resources.

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