Who do you model the emails you send?

If the answer is for the users of my list, we started badly … When you are creating a template of an email, beyond the text that you want to dump then in it, you can not think of those registered in your database.

That is, if you can, but if you want to stop sending Emails and start doing Email Marketing (professional activity), you have to do it in another way so that your results are up to those of a PRO.

Who do you model the emails you sendEmails are designed for the types of applications that use your records (Desktop vs Webmail), in applications / programs (Outlook, Lotus Notes, Mail, etc.), in the IPS’s of your accounts (Yahoo! Mail, GMail, Hotmail, etc.), in the types of devices (PC, Mac, mobile, tablets, etc), and OS devices (RIM, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc).

Normally you have to put in the balance the effort to get a perfect visualization in all the variants, versus getting those combinations that represent 80% or more of your list, are covered.

To do this you must first identify those combinations. Is your list mostly of Hotmail emails? What is the desktop application you use the most? What percentage of users read to you from mobile devices or tablets? What is the favorite OS?

Once you have answered these questions, you will know what those combinations (2 to 5) will allow you to scale the efforts in relation to the results you can expect from them.

5 Key Considerations You Must Have When Laying Emails

  1. The file should not weigh more than 150kbs
  2. Images should be no more than 200×200 pixels (larger images can be sectioned to get this size).
  3. You have to have a balance between pictures and text (ideal ratio = 1: 1)
  4. The tables in the header and footer must be different.
  5. The code must always be in HTML, and only with tables.

If you want to learn all the tricks so that your emails are displayed correctly in the different devices, applications and Operating Systems, come to Email Marketing Boot Camp, specialize in the matter and get results of campaigns of a professional level.

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