What is the native advertising? How to use it for my business online?

Native advertising is another step forward marketing to get even closer to the more indirect techniques. In recent years there have been many methods of online marketing with the intent to disrupt at least one saturated direct advertising and worthless for them user. Here are some:

  • “Inbound marketing”: Fast Summarized and evil is the SEO content marketing + social + media to create organic “active” with the intention to generate leads and sales.
  • “Branded content”: The so-called branded content in a corporate blog for example that we look entertain users and bring them to a product.

What is the native advertising How to use it for my business onlineThe truth is that there is a high degree of ignorance on this subject:

What is the native advertising?

It is the digital adaptation of what magazines are in the advertorials. It is content with some advertising component inside to be distributed as if it were an article and interview anyone. The marks in most cases pay for the inclusion of this content.

There are much related to this can be seen above as the “product placement” (display brand products in movies), or without going further including a sponsored post in a blog format. Now stir again have this concept because we find new opportunities in this format thanks to social networks and platforms that manage online content for example.

Advertising vs. Native open closed

According to this content as this advertising content we can be divided into:

  • Closed: It is so called because the content is published only on one platform. A clear example would be a post on facebook sponsored ads.
  • Open: Thanks to platforms like Outbrain what we publish can be distributed to different portals according to the public that we are looking for impact.

What’s native formats advertising?

Indeed you can use almost any platform where there is a very large audience and allow the option of inserting advertising content. The most popular formats are:

  • Widely used and known formula: Sponsored blog posts.
  • Sponsored tweets that redirect to a product page.
  • Sponsored ads Facebooks and Linkedin posts.
  • YouTube video informative ads.

How to raise an advertising campaign native?

Here are some basic recommendations to guide action native advertising:

  1. Think like a journalist: Here you have a double task, create content that is interesting and related to the product or service they want to sell. And remember, you can not be too direct.This is to inform and to mature the visit.
  2. It includes various CTA’s: During the post, video or article looks including “call to action” to take the user to the “product page” or sale. If, for example, the user is reading an article about “how to campaign in google adwords” written by a marketing consultant halfway through the article should find a button with the message “Do you need expert help?” If you click, there and can be much more direct and ask for the information to send a proposal.
  3. Select either the platform: You need data on the audience you’re looking to find out where to insert the content. If twitter informative content ads a good choice, if it’s something more playful facebook would be nice to do a test. If the campaign is open native advertising, the platform should give segmentation tools.

My advice: “The union is strength”

The recommendation I make about it is that you always have to native advertising as an option. If you start with a facebook campaign ads:

  • Lanzas more direct ad with an offer.
  • Sponsored trials with a post talking about the problems your product solves.

Then you do tests with the two formats with different texts and photographs. Finally you collect data and what you measure from the two campaigns has worked better.

Do you think it is useful native advertising? You know this concept?

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