What is the best day of the week to send emails?

Customer acquisition via e-mail has quadrupled in the past four years and currently 7% of customers brands have come to them in this way. The email marketing professionals try to improve this tool acquisition and retention of customers, not only improving customization, effectiveness and presentation of messages, but also calculating what the moment the most appropriate day for the subscriber devote you a minimum of attention. Well, Friday is a great day to send emails.

The rate of clicks emails open on Friday is the highest of the whole week. According to a study by GetResponse email marketing platform, 4.9%, followed by Tuesdays, which have a click rate of 4.6%.

What is the best day of the week to send emailsBut should not be known statistics moment by companies because of the weekdays, Friday is the day with the fewest number of shipments. Inboxes around the world receive a huge influx of post Tuesday (17.9%), followed by Thursdays (17.3%) and Mondays (16.6%). It comes as the weekend, greatly lowers the activity and shipments are reduced by half on Saturdays and Sundays.

Marketers not go wrong choosing aimed Tuesdays for the bulk of their campaigns because, according to statistics from GetResponse, is the day of the week with a higher percentage of openings, 19.9%. However, it is not the best day in terms of effectiveness. That is, in the end the figures that interest in an email marketing strategy are the click rate receiving emails open and conversions, and these are best on Friday.

Five working days a week, is the day that marketers perform fewer shipments (14.9%) and yet, Fridays consumers are particularly receptive.19.6% of emails are opened, the second highest of all week and also, and more importantly, the world average is the day with the highest click rate, 4.9% versus 4 , 6% of the popular Tuesdays.

Friday is the talisman day for email marketing campaigns, especially in e-commerce: conversion rates as high as 27%, according Retention Science, that to reach that figure has analyzed 100 million online transactions, 20 million profiles 100 user and other email marketing campaigns.

As for the schedule, the afternoons and evenings are showing greater willingness of consumers to listen and buy. Although many communications are sent especially first thing in the morning, 65% of online purchases are made outside working hours, at a time of day of leisure, which allows the user to provide the necessary care required a payout.

Analyzing the data by quarters, the annual behavior is fairly stable with differences of one or two points. But it is observed that although the first four months of the year are those that have the highest open rates of emails, is from September to December, coinciding with many festivities held around the world when clickthrough rates are higher, 4.7% compared with 4.2% in the second quarter of the year.

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