What a company needs an online marketing consultant?

Sometimes, when I go to a networking event or some other context where managers or managers of some businesses, I hear phrases like “I need someone to take care of the marketing of my business” or “I’m looking for a marketing consultant help sell more.” These phrases express a need really very generic. Then when they get to interview some candidates they ask the following…

  • How long have you been a consultant?
  • Have you worked with clients in my sector?
  • What are your specialties?

I’m not saying it’s wrong to ask, is information also to consider, but in reality the interview, in my opinion, is focusing on the most irrelevant of what you can do online marketing consultant for a company party.

What a company needs an online marketing consultantNeeds a company with an online marketing consultant

After that previous part of the meeting, a company that needs to make a leap of quality in their online marketing strategies by hiring an expert consultant must ensure that the person in question dominates the following practical concepts…

  • Understanding the philosophy of inbound marketing and know how to explain: A modern marketer must understand that this is a new digital consumer, who no longer will conquer with intrusive ads, rather marketing techniques attraction and “permission” are used to bring it to a product or service. And it is providing useful and relevant information disseminated through appropriate channels and the “target” that really would be interested.
  • Knowing locate each marketing technique within a strategic process: When a consultant proposes a marketing technique a customer needs to know why he does it and what purpose it pursues. There are many techniques, and some well known: social networking, SEO, online advertising … great .the key to all this is able to combine the benefit of a strategy leading to the stage where the company expects to be after the work of the consultant.
  • Knowing inform the company needs you have and draw real scenarios: If a company knows their weaknesses and how it intends to palliate through marketing strategies, the easier way to go. With real scenarios it is that the consultant himself must be honest and well manage expectations of what is expected of their work.
  • Perfectly understand and communicate the value proposition of the company: Companies that really work are those who have managed to find and exploit a differential factor in a particular market. The consultant itself should be aware of this “main message” and incorporate it into their strategies and communications.
  • Know how to create “ideal customer segments”: The more you get to know your customers potential, you will find them more agile, better you know better communicate and read their real needs. A valid online marketing consultant able to create a map of “ideal client” useful for the company.
  • Develop content needs: now, and platforms like Google have made it very clear, the contents are what mark the fate of companies on the Internet. Saber creates them, position them and broadcast them in the appropriate channel and to the right audience is everything.
  • Develop, understand, analyze and exploit the “funnel” of the company may already be by product, channel or in general for the company, but the consultant should have the process “crystalline” following a potential client since his it generates the need until time of purchase. If the information is collected well with the different phases, when analyzed in detail, the information itself and the resulting metrics show us the way to make the necessary corrections.
  • Personalize Communications Company: To do this it properly, involves two essential techniques:
  • “Lead scoring” Generically, it is the way they are classified and internally punctuate all contacts of the company (customers, prospects, employees …)
  • Email marketing strategy: With the above resolved you can create lists to customize each email and so communicate something really effective in each segment.

These are some of the unfinished business of online marketing consultant when you start with a new client.

Do not you think much more attractive to talk about stocks concepts to see if the consultants know represent a company on the internet?

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