Tools that can help you in your content marketing strategy

“Content is king”, this phrase I think we have heard it countless times and we will continue to hear it, because it is the truth. For this reason, content marketing is essential in any overall strategy of the company.

One of the biggest problems that people working in social media find is producing quality content. It is a daily struggle to get content that engenders engagement in your audience. The professional dedicated to content curator or content creation, must be alert and well up to date with the trends and issues that your target audience demands.

Tools that can help you in your content marketing strategyGetting this is not easy, but fortunately there are tools that will save us time and help us in this work. We can suggest ideas, which our creativity will transform into content. I want to offer you some of the many tools that exist, but to me they are very useful in the development of this blog.

Tools help us in content marketing

Although the tools help us, we must first be clear about the content marketing strategy to follow. You have to investigate what the interests and needs of the target audience are, and then look for the keywords that relate to them. From there we can use the tools.

We have different types of tools based on their usefulness:

Content Aggregators

In this range of tools are those, which through RSS feeds we collect and organize news about the topic or topics from which we are seeking information.

NewsBlur  One of the alternatives to Google Reader, in fact its interface is very similar, although visually it is more pleasant.

Feedly  Personally is my favorite as an alternative to Google Reader. It has a great visual interface and what is very important it easily imports all the RSS feeds that we have in Google Reader.

Talkwalker Talkwalker  Alerts is an easy and free service that provides alerts on the latest mentions referring to the keywords we are looking for. We offer them directly in the email inbox or in an RSS feed reader.

Content Creators

In this type of tools are included those that generate content through the compilation of many sources. Generally they create content in format of digital magazine with the content of the mentioned sources, they will help us to offer us ideas and subjects for our contents.  A very good tool that uses keywords and diverse sources, including Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. It also allows us to add themes manually while browsing.

Storify  helps us to compile the content of the web and put it into a story that we can share. The sources of content can be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. Like you can create a story by selecting the content you want.  Like the above you can create and publish Twitter content and other sources. Each “ newspaper ” can be set to automatically publish or you can preview and edit your work before it is published.

Content Trends

Detecting trends and using them to identify what our target audience is following is critical to good quality content creation. The following tools offer both short-term trends and long-term opportunities.

Google Trends  You can enter a keyword or phrase in Google trends and it will return trends in Google searches and other related keywords that are starting to trend.

Monitter  It is a real-time Twitter search tool that allows you to monitor a set of keywords on twitter.

Trendsmap  It is a real-time mapping of Twitter trends around the world.

The time for creativity in content marketing comes

All these tools will help us and facilitate the task of creation, but in the end it will be our creativity that generates and shapes the contents. We will establish the level of quality and interest of the same, as a response to the needs and interests of our target audience.

No one said that content marketing was simple, but with these tools we can say that we will have gained time in this daily struggle to offer quality content.

What tools do you use in content marketing? I await your comments.

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