Mobile SEO Marketing for 2020

Have you considered your mobile marketing strategy? When you next engage a SEO Belfast Agency to commission an app, it makes sense to also discuss the underlying strategy with the digital experts.

mobile marketing strategy

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A huge proportion of consumers across the world today use smartphones to carry out ‘value add’ activity alongside basic communications. Key activities include connection and engagement with social media, news feed surfing, and online shopping via responsive websites and apps. Firms that are up to date with their e-commerce strategies are poised to really benefit from a high-value revenue channel.

Responsive sites

Responsiveness is absolutely key. If a user can’t access your e-commerce site via a digital device, they will switch off. There are various programmes and frameworks available to optimise your site, typically with modern website grid layouts that shift according to screen size. Some of these are also open-source and all are simple to implement. A responsive site will help you to engage with your users, provide an enhanced user experience, consolidate your digital platform, and provide SEO benefits.

Focusing on navigation

Your site must also be easy to navigate with a touch screen and a single finger or thumb ‒ again, this enhances usability. No pinching to zoom, or users will switch off! Similarly, buttons must be big enough for fingers to use ‒ at least 45 pixels for the tap space. The design needs to be clean and simple for the smaller digital screen and beautifully laid out so that users can navigate simply. Contact an expert such as SEO Belfast Agency Ryco Marketing to find out more.

Avoid going overboard with design elements such as video, graphics and even copy, as this can slow down the performance of your site and detract from your key messages. Content should be brief and targeted ‒ use a copywriting specialist for digital platforms to help with this. A good site will also use recognisable icons to move away from text, such as for the ‘contact us’ section.

Finally, consider speed and keep your images small, cropped and optimised for the digital screen pixilation. This helps users who are accessing your digital assets via 3G networks and on the go.

These steps will help you to create a genuinely powerful mobile marketing strategy and boost your online sales.

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