The whole content marketing gains from advertising

Content marketing is already one of the pillars of the marketing strategy of companies. This is an effective practice that can get quality contacts a non-intrusive way. This is its main differential value compared to traditional techniques, focusing on advertising impacts.

B2B companies currently spend 26% of their marketing budget to its content strategy, and more than half of them plans to increase its investment in the next 12 months.

The whole content marketing gains from advertisingWhat types of companies are developing content?

The performances on social networks are the main activity of the marks (79%), followed by the publication of articles (78%). Thirdly actions to events (62%) proof that the networking and direct treatment will always be indispensable in business. Appear

Among the pieces of content that often create brands shown newsletters (61%), publication of specialized studies (55%), blogs (51%), white papers (43%), webinars (42%), or videos (41%).

These are applications that coexist with traditional methods, which are used to a lesser extent, as in the case of magazines (42%), traditional advertising (31%) or printed newsletters (25%).

What channels used to disseminate their content?

If content is king, diffusion is the queen. No matter how good your content, if you can not reach your target audience is unlikely to achieve its objective.On average, small businesses use 6 different ways to promote their creations, while those with more than 1,000 employees put up to 9 different techniques.

Twitter (55%) and Facebook (54%) are the preferred platforms to spread the content, without neglecting LinkedIn (51%), whose presence gives credibility to brands. 38% of brands also distributes content through YouTube, who stands out as the second largest search engine.

What is the main challenge for these brands with your content strategy?

The marks are especially concerned about offer really interesting content that appeals to the audience (36%). On the other hand, 21% want to publish enough content, and 20% takes into account the budget available.

Why companies should practice marketing content?

  • It helps build trust. A decisive when users opt for one brand or another factor. It also helps to improve online visibility, and thus its brand image.
  • Their actions result in lead generation. Quality content attracts users who subscribe on their own initiative, in order to expand the information.
  • Creates a stronger link with the subscribers. These users interested closely follow the publications of the mark, are attentive to their news and consider it as a reference in the field.
  • Encourages interactions. Contacts interact with the brand, share their questions and concerns, and recommended in your environment to this source of quality.

This is achieved by adding value, creating really interesting, creative and useful pieces.

This is great advantages, difficult to reach by other means of promotion.The fact that it is the customer who shows interest in what the company offers, without interrupting your browsing experience with impacts already a big step.

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