SMEs are the ones that allocate more resources to content marketing

Whether you want it or not, the content is the king. A phrase that does not go out of fashion, nor does it fall into disuse. It is a reality, and companies know they have to bet on it. It highlights the fact that even the smallest are clearer.

According to the latest Benchmarks, Budget and Trends, published by the CMI and sponsored by Outbrain, SMEs are the most resources dedicated to content marketing, earning 31% of its budget, compared to 24% of large. A trend that will increase this year.

SMEs are the ones that allocate more resources to content marketingContent is shaping up as the currency of change, the value that users need to approach their audience. Far from the promotions and actions of autobombo, the users react better compared to that before other types of proposals. If your content brings value, they will compensate you.

The content has a double application for users:

On the one hand it positions you as a reference, generates trust and credibility. It attracts the audience and promotes their fidelity. If you are able to convey your know how in the form of pearls of wisdom and pieces of useful content, you will be able to make a gap in the mind of your target audience and turn to you.

On the other, it generates conversations. If your content is really good, it will encourage users to share, comment on and interact with their friends. The 1.1 billion users of Facebook or the 288 of Twitter actively demand content, is an activity that is already part of their daily routine. They seek, read, share and recommend; Works to be part of this social activity.

And it is imperative for SEO. It is the main asset for Google. Any company that wants to be well positioned must continuously contribute fresh and quality content. It is the component that most values ​​the search engine, in its eagerness to always offer useful and quality information for the users who daily approach to him in search of an answer to his needs. Therefore, it is essential to have an effective content strategy, which meets previously established objectives, and makes a firm commitment to quality and differentiation.

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