SEO and Social Media, a well-matched marriage

You know the phrase “Until death separates you”, well, in online marketing you know a couple who made their votes some time ago. This is Mr. SEO and Mrs. Social Media, two partners whose union is essential to succeed in the online world. Nobody said that marriage was easy, so they must know how to live together, learn from each other and walk hand in hand towards a common goal.

The effectiveness of your strategy will depend on the way in which you know how to take advantage of the advantages that each one can bring to your discipline. Know their secrets, trace the path and have them pursue tangible, easily measurable results that positively benefit your company. It would be good to combine the inclusion in your SEO strategy and Social Media establish specific objectives for each of them. Do not mark empty goals, without transcendence or repercussion, you would make it a boring and meaningless marriage.

Union make force. Not only are they absolutely compatible, but it is recommended that they work together. These are two distinct areas, which fulfill complementary functions and together they can be very powerful. To give you an idea, you can achieve success in social networks, but if you can not translate it into an increase in the volume of business, it will not help you much. If you get online notoriety, but do not derive visits to the web, your efforts will fall on deaf ears. SEO is a great support at this point. For its part, Social Media is an important source of traffic, a channel that brings you closer to a part of the public that otherwise would not know you. These users discover and interact with your brand on social networks; They already know you exist. If we have penetrated in his memory,

Obviously, you must take care that all the organic results that appear are positive, a task that could not be achieved without the help of Mrs. Social Media. Do you see how the union between SM and SEO is indispensable?

Who should do more to make the marriage work? The issue should not be who is more important, or who should give way; It is not a question of winning and defeated, but of working as a team in pursuit of a common goal: the achievement of results. If you have designed the right online marketing strategy, it will establish the role that each must exercise and the necessary resources to achieve the objectives set. Do not measure the quantity, but the quality and, of course, the evolution of the results. If you give each member of the couple their space and leave their autonomy, they will develop better individually and their desire to work together will grow.

To conclude, the goal of any online marketing strategy should include getting notoriety, online presence, improving reputation; increase quality visits to the web and with it the conversion. In this influences this couple well avenged, the art of know-how of master of ceremonies will obtain a solid and stable relationship. How is the marriage that participates in your online strategy? Would you say it is a fruitful relationship?

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