Opinion articles are at the forefront of ROI in content marketing

In an environment where consumer attention is increasingly dispersed, the idea of ​​using content to capture interest and boost engament is growing among companies.

Attractive content can help companies tell a story, but it can also be somewhat complicated, and costly, to create. What are the contents that are generating a more attractive ROI for the marketing executives? The most cost-effective content is being articles, video and white papers, according to a January 2013 study by CopyPress, a specialized software company eh content marketing tools.

Opinion articles are at the forefront of ROI in content marketingIn particular, marketing executives are very satisfied with the ROI achieved with background articles, with 62.2% of the responses indicating that they are the content that best ROI reach.

The video ranks second, cited by 51.9% of respondents. But the study also points to some of the problems and challenges that companies face. As is the creation. Thus, video is content type that a higher percentage of respondents (49.8%) describe as “difficult to create”. Other types of content with high difficulty are interactive media, graphics and animated graphics. And while many companies are catching up with video content, half the respondents believe their price is very high.

Publishing white articles and books may seem simpler and a solution that requires less effort, but they must also face their own challenges. One of the questions that many marketers ask themselves is about the role that authorship should play in creating content. Should they come from specific individuals, or should they focus on the brand as a whole?

The CopyPress study found that roughly two-thirds of respondents consider authorship to play a significant role in content marketing strategy, while a third think otherwise. The authorship generally refers to opinion articles and whose authors have a representative level in the company.

CopyPress also found in its study evidence of a shift in attention to content marketing. When asked to quote the main focus of action for 2012, 18.9% of the respondents cited content marketing in the past, placing it behind social media and email, and putting it at the same level as SEO. For this year 2013, the preference for content marketing has almost doubled, reaching 34.8% of the responses, placing it at the top of the preferences.

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