Online marketing is very different

Always the first steps you take are quite important and this is especially true for organizations that create (or revise) your online strategy.

Most online strategies quickly materialize into practical plans detailing how internal and external resources will work together to develop websites, create brand image, creating content to support search engine rankings, creating mobile applications, etc.

Although an online presence is only a website, and maybe a little social presence, it is important to consider the factors that influence to achieve the desired objectives.

Online marketing is very differentOnline marketing is very different

If your company meets a client, it would possibly count to 5 friends. If your company “gaffe”, the customer will tell 25 (Everyone loves to complain!) Now, on the Internet, you can search for “like” recommendations followers, …, which are great, however whenever you mess up your mistakes multiply, expose all through internet, not only locally but internationally thousands, even millions of potential customers. The views and borders acquire a dimension that did not exist before.

Internet is very competitive. Are you ready to expose your brand / product to a virtually unlimited audience? 

Social networks are speakers of both the quality of your product and mismanagement of a problem that has arisen. No place to hide for a product that does not work well, a service that is second or where the quality / price ratio is not adequate. Are you ready for that, for example, your price list, products and services support the scrutiny of a public that extends far beyond personal relationships? For example negative customer feedback, consultations on social networks, or the inability to publish product prices on your site due to historical price agreements with customers.

Today, the Internet creates a powerful effect of “leveling”

Small businesses appear alongside long-established brands and of course, anywhere Internet has no physical borders. It presents a great opportunity for small businesses to compete with established companies, but eye !, this is both a threat and an opportunity depending on how you choose to develop your activity.

The demands of Internet users are greater every day, for example the speed of a website, clear calls to action, the ability to access any device you … email newsletters downloadable brochures or allow them to be informed of your activity and news ..

do not stop to consider these factors when planning your online strategy.Are you a more important factor occurs?

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