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Through the 20-minute news website, I read an interesting headline. The creator of Wikipedia challenges Google. Jimmy Wales, creator of Wikipedia aims to revolutionize the concepts of the current search systems with a new project under development called Wikia Search.

Wikia Search is an online tool that as a search engine presents the difference that its results will be based and organized in relation to the opinion, assessments, and criteria of the users. Although it is mentioned that it leaves the mathematical algorithms aside, obviously, any data-based calculation is considered an algorithm that reports results in relation to the values ​​of a given set of criteria.

What draws my attention to this issue is undoubtedly the way in which this new search engine can affect the work of SEO and web positioning professionals. It is not necessary to give many clues to refer to cooperative projects where there are continuous suspicions about the abuse of organized groups. mafias? that act for their own benefit giving relevance to the most timely information. Could this happen with this new search system?

Also, it is necessary to look for other people’s examples when Wikipedia itself is continuously discovering modifications of the information for the benefit of those who intend to control or manipulate the information.

From a deeper analysis, we could rescue even given assumptions of those who could benefit from this type of search engine. For example, if users are the ones who finally value or think about classified resources, it is clear that in this case, the websites that have the largest number of users will look for a way to reference their website for a positive opinion and assessment about their own site. Large portals and social networks will then have a great advantage over websites and small projects unless there really is a true algorithm.

In any case, first of all, we should wait for this project to get the acceptance and goals to consolidate on the internet, although being a project that comes from the hand of Jimmy Wales himself, surely it will not take much effort to make the community more geek start your Guerrilla Marketing campaign to consolidate it as an alternative to the most popular current search systems.

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