Marketing Challenges for Business: Think mobile, think local

Mobile devices have definitely integrated into our daily lives. A tool that accompanies us at every step, and we facilitates useful about everything that we need information every time.

Its role as a provider of online information has led you to register online to the computer and more traffic. Let us not forget that there are 5 billion mobile users, which means 5 times more than computer users. In the US alone, the rate of penetration of these devices is 57%, which imlica a niche market of over 133 million people. A fact that should make us plantations how, when, where and for what users use their smartphone, in order to guide our strategy in that direction.

Marketing Challenges for Business Think mobile, think localBalihoo indicates that 4 out of 10 users local searches performed at least once a day. 88% of consumers who conduct such searches or call the company moves to it within 24 hours. Half of them use some application of geolocation to find the exact location of establishments. This is a clear indication that users demand rapid and effective response to their needs, before which they operate. Hence the need for companies to be prepared to take advantage of this great opportunity.

As inseparable companion mobile shopping

70% of smartphone users use their mobile when you are shopping within the store. 62% of them uses his handheld device to check prices, while 79% say they have purchased a related product. It is expected that by 2015 online sales registered through these devices reach 31 billion dollars.

In contrast, only 55% of companies have a website optimized for mobile. Something totally inadvisable, since 6 out of 10 mobile users say that abandons a website where you cannot sail perfectly. This also leads to 48% of customers think the company does not care about your business. Local businesses are those most exposed to these consequences, since 72% of your web traffic is recorded through mobile devices. A trend that has increased significantly in just one year, from 52% in 2012.

Definitely, brands cannot continue to ignore the importance of mobile devices for business. A particularly urgent need in the case of companies that operate locally. Users demand a quick and effective response to their needs, and win those companies that are able to offer it.

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