How to add value to our email marketing campaigns

Writing an email is easy, but making it easy does not mean it is the right email. Many marketing managers still send emails with inappropriate texts and, why not say it, completely useless when it comes to attracting the attention of our prospects.

E-mail MarketingTherefore, it is important that we take into account a series of tips to be able to add value to our emails:

1. Let’s be brief.

Often, companies write very long emails when trying to sell their products, something that also happens with numerous press releases, which are texts without any interest for anyone, except for those who write them. Let’s reduce the length of our messages, use short paragraphs and strong sentences. We can summarize a story and invite the reader to continue reading it on our website. We can also include a small element that generates interest and an immediate reaction from our prospect.

2. Let’s include some brief annexes.

Many people consider that the attachments that are received from a stranger are already a new form of spam. However, the annexes help our messages to be better identified in the mailboxes if they include some kind of acceptable format, such as a pdf. Consider sending an article between 1 and 3 pages to attract the interest of the recipient and give the potential customer a reason to contact us, requesting more information.

We can increase the attention by following the article a few days later, and see the level of responses increase significantly.

3. Let us make clear what the next step will be.

We ask our prospect to call us? Are we asking you to write us or visit our website? Whatever we want our prospect to do, let’s make it very clear. Often, emails are deleted or archived because our prospective customer does not know what we expect from him and what action or next step he should take, remaining in a kind of limbo. Let’s eliminate the doubt.

Every time we send a message to our list of potential customers we have the opportunity to add or remove value to our action, which is usually translated in this case in an increase in the size of the bin. Sending short emails, with useful messages, with attractive annexes, and finally, making clear what the next steps are, we will be working to improve the effectiveness of our commercial communication and we will find some recipients more likely to respond to our efforts.

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