Google tests new techniques of Email marketing in advertising their searches

The best way to move forward is to try, again and again, new things until you hit the right one. At least that seems to be the premise that Google follows, which lately has been dedicated to trying new things to see how the user receives them.

In this case the tests are with advertising and the famous company has several ideas in mind. The purpose of Google is first to find out what is the best way to reach users through advertising and secondly, of course, that after viewing these ads engage more actively with the brand in question, that in this way will continue to pay Google to get more followers.

The idea is simple and Google has already done some tests of this type in other occasions, the difference in this case is that the rest of studies went much more unnoticed. With these ads, what Google is checking is whether potential customers would join a promotion if the promotion was already set up in their Gmail account and they just had to enter the product they want to get more information about.

Although some similar things have been done in the newsletter, this type of customization is very novel and offers many facilities to users. Although at the beginning it is being tested with Gmail users, the truth is that it can be extended to any user who visits the page, since with any search he / she does, the offers related to the search will appear first.

It is more than evident that advertising is changing, evolving rapidly in order to surprise its potential customers and also clearly grasp it. The question now is whether users will access this new type of advertising.

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