Globo Marketing is born, a new concept of marketing and communication agency

Globo Marketing (Global Marketing for Business Objectives), a company specialized in marketing and communication actions to achieve commercial objectives, is presented in the market as a new alternative to traditional marketing and communication agencies. The new company forms part of the AS Group business group, leader in the IT management sector, made up of companies such as AS Software with more than 5,000 computerized customers throughout its history.

Globo Marketing aims to help its clients increase their profitability through actions of marketing and communication reinforced with the use of the latest technology of the group, which provides the maximum difference with respect to other companies in the sector. For it, its clients have the possibility to interact online with Globo Marketing and optimize their commercial department to the maximum, by using the pre-sale application of FAS-5, management software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Relationship Management with clients (CRM) developed by AS Software.

Through this solution they can visualize in real time the commercial appointments that Globo Marketing has arranged for them as well as having free of charge the best agenda and corporate chat / messenger in order that the commercials do not invest more time in the search for new potentials but to prepare and go to appointments already arranged. Another of the most relevant differences of Globo Marketing with respect to other agencies is that it can be not only a marketing provider, but also a technological one, thus offering customers who have contracted their websites and / or corporate portals the possibility of hosting them in the group’s own Data Center, thus enjoying the advantages of having a single provider for all their services. In front of the new organization is Sergio Miranda as General Manager, who leaves his position as Marketing Director of AS Software.

From his new appointment, Miranda will lead a multidisciplinary team of professionals from the areas of design, communication and marketing. Globo Marketing presents a wide portfolio of services, all of them aimed at improving the profitability of companies in achieving their objectives commercial. Thus, it provides direct marketing services (brochures, mailings, merchandising, telemarketing ??), communication (press, advertising …), e-marketing (e-mailing, webs, electronic bulletins, advertising banners …), event management (trade conferences, conventions, loyalty actions), etc.

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