Email Marketing: The secrets of an impact ‘Subject’

We must understand that the issue is one of the keys to the success of our campaigns. It is one of the main determinants for the subscriber to open the email or not and that is why we must always be effective with issues that call the attention to our users.

Email Marketing The secrets of an impact SubjectExpectations: Say in simple words what will be found in the email. NEVER generate false expectations with subject and then the subscriber does not find what is promised, since that impacts on the trust and reading of the subsequent emails that we send. It must be clear and use direct language.

Creativity: The creative and ambiguous issues generate curiosity in the client and have a higher reading rate, but always be careful and keep in mind the previous point.

Originality: Be original when describing the content of the email but in a new and innovative way. If we invest 10 minutes thinking different issues until we achieve a very good one, it will surely be reflected in the readings and therefore in the results that the campaign will obtain.

Brief: No more than 50 characters. Email clients such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook, only show up to 40 or 50 characters and then place an ellipsis or cut it directly.

Prohibited Words: Avoid as much as possible phrases or words such as discount, promotion, offer, OFF, free, test, for a limited time, etc. These types of issues mean that our messages are often interpreted as SPAM by the filters.

Capital letters and Exclamation: Do not put words or issues ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS or repeat too many exclamation points. If possible, avoid the signs of admiration. Example of a bad business: FIND WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED !!!!!!

Personalization: Custom matters with the recipient’s name will always have a higher reading rate than fixed issues.

Measurement and Optimization: Define 2 or more issues and test their effectiveness in an ABN Split campaign or between campaign and campaign. Measure results of each campaign sent, try different strategies and compare each shipment with the following ones, and you will obtain important feedback.

Issues to Inspire:

Tourism / Hospitality / Rest Area

  • You do not need a passport, only Bronzer: Islas Margaritas
  • Holidays only 3 hours from Cordoba and 150 dollars of gift
  • Sand and Mind in white: Bahamas and Panama dream
  • We travel in a group. Come on?
  • What do we do with the boys?
  • Give yourself the luxury of knowing the most exclusive in Europe
  • Weekend of Relax in the mountains
  • Travel with the best company
  • Traveling accompanied is very good!
  • Crazy low season promotions!
  • The whole Caribbean is waiting for you!
  • We put brakes on your vacation!
  • Paradise was inspired by something
  • Take advantage of these promos until June 30!
  • Of the 19,000 registered, I’m interested in your opinion
  • Travel in a group, pay in pesos.
  • A hug can take you far.
  • Cold or hot? Choose how you want to enjoy your vacation
  • Become a fan and participate for an iPod Touch!
  • Today yes .. Take your well-deserved rest!
  • 5 ideas for Holy Week!
  • Europe from … euros: only 7 days!
  • Long weekend: last places!
  • Long weekend from 250 pesos!

Training Area

  • In difficult times, having good ideas can save us (Creativity Workshop)
  • Encourage yourself to speak in Public (Oratory workshop)
  • “We are the key” (Team Work Training)
  • A strategic issue, manage your time.
  • More motivation = Better results.
  • Build your Leadership style: “The Proactive Leader”
  • New! Exclusive training for executives.
  • Women in Command! (Training for Women Leaders).
  • 3 simple steps separate you from a new personality.

Classifieds / Sales Area

  • Decide now! sell everything that occupies you place
  • I sold without putting a coin!
  • Recommends and Ganá!
  • Get a full account for free!
  • Click Box! Publish and Sell for free!
  • Job offers in your city!
  • Are you looking for work? find the best deals in AM
  • You are one click away from your next job, postulate now!
  • Increase your sales by 99%
  • Internet sellers: here is what you should keep in mind!
  • 2 x 1 in movies, only today
  • The Lord of the Rings now available
  • What do you think Maria of this offer?

Real Estate Area

  • While the dollar is an enigma, the lot is a certainty.
  • Are you thinking of moving?
  • Excellent investment opportunities!
  • Brand new today!
  • 36 installments in weight, your apartment in Nueva Córdoba
  • What project do you have for 2013?
  • Buy your apartment totally in installments!
  • Your home begins to become reality
  • Department with immediate possession.
  • Have your apartment without advance from $ 2300 monthly
  • Exclusive offer only for our distinguished clients.

Gastronomy Area

  • Thursday of Friends in Italian Restaurant
  • Celebrate your birthday at Hipolyto!
  • Grand opening next Friday!

Spa / Aesthetic Area

  • You will have the body you always wanted!
  • We take care of your health in the Posada!
  • Fall in love at the Posada!
  • February at a price you can not miss!
  • Veni 3 days at the price of 2 in the Posta!
  • Give Dad a unique experience!
  • That woman!
  • Maria, we have the solution for you!

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