Email marketing: Factors affecting profitability

Without a doubt, email marketing is a marketing strategy that, for many experts THINK otherwise no longer useful for businesses. In addition, thanks to advances in the online world, every time we have more tools with better performance for authentic email marketing campaigns.

Today I want to tell you about the factors that affect the profitability of our email marketing strategy, which is calculated by studying in detail the campaigns we do. From when we ship, with that design, content with that, with that affair as recipients.

Email marketing Factors affecting profitabilityQuality of the database

One of the main factors is the quality of the databases. It is usually done with Opt-in, but relatively recently tend to do a double opt-in, sending an email following registration to verify subscription to the subscription list. It is the highest level of permission that a user can give.

We must avoid becoming spamers, both because of being heavy, for managing bulk to lists of subscribers unknown. Send emails to strangers, besides disturbing we do not get leads, since these contacts did not expect that message. It is for such reasons that we forget the databases purchased or rented.


It is very interesting   to perform segmented shipments for users to receive specific information that interests them. To do this, this type of email marketing tools have different filters based on demographic or geographic information, allowing geographic location display your list of subscribers.

In this way, users will not receive generic information and thus the number of conversions will be higher.

Graphic quality of creativity

When we receive an email, the text is secondary; the first thing we see is the design: colors, shapes, order, cleanliness, etc. For this reason, it is essential to create good creative.

Not everyone knows create them through HTML, fortunately, most tools available on the market allow us to make a decent template without using web codes. In addition, for those perfectionists who want a more professional and personalized result I recommend the drag and drop editor, you have templates that you can drag and make design our content very fast. Then you can edit text and images as if it were a word editor.

Good deal

The issue is the main reason why users open an email, if this is not good, sending no avail. Moreover, many email providers are a filter to categorize an email as spam.

Words like free, 100%, saving, promotion, capitalization, etc. They become our newsletter spam. Therefore, use good claims, questions that make the subscript open the mail. In addition, remember, the issue is only the title of your email, you should not include all the information, as this could lose user interest to open it. In addition, matters too long can also be considered spam.

A good business must:

  • Be easy to understand
  • Draw attention
  • “Open your appetite”

Good timing

We must anticipate the user, but not spend. The user who subscribes to a database does because he wants to receive first – hand the specific information that provides that company.

Send emails nougat in summer or at Christmas sunscreen could make many users give low because we do not provide the information they need when they need.

Therefore, a good email marketing campaign must be planned in time and maintain a sequence of shipments, so that the user does not take us less or forget us. We must always be there, without being so.


Looking ahead to online marketing strategies, cost tool Email marketing is a factor for the company. Therefore, before choosing one in particular, it is advisable to do a good market research; with the tool, we get the best performance at the best price.

In short, the profitability of an email tool depends not only on cost, but of all the services, it provide us and how we are able to exploit them. As if having the best tool on the market do not know make the most of the benefits obtained there from they will not be as good as they should.

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