Content Marketing: The Power of value added to the SEO

We start by defining the two protagonists of this entry. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  is the process, by various techniques, to improve the visibility of a website in the results of different search engines.

The  Content Marketing  is to create and distribute relevant content to customers and prospects in order to attract them to the company and connect with them. It is not, therefore, promotional but useful and relevant content for users / customers and the company / brand.

Content Marketing The Power of value added to the SEOAnother way of understanding the SEO with social networks

Marketing content in recent years has been eating him terrain in importance to SEO, as we understood it until now. The explosive growth of social networks has been crucial for the SEO of yesteryear were getting off the pedestal where he was and priorities were changed in the world of digital marketing. An example of this is the multiple viral content that is positioned at the top of the search engines without practically apply positioning techniques to use. Based social “Rt”, “like” and amplifier sharing networks serve content and are the users themselves who are unconsciously positioning. Google is who is making the rules SEO, so the social network Google plus and the search / social network YouTube (service owned by Google) have the pleasure of his creator trying well to publications that are made on both sites .

Opposing currents

There are some conflicting currents Vs Marketing SEO Content. At present, statements like  “content is king”  or  “the best SEO is good content”  leave clear the importance of Content Marketing. In contrast, the current SEO states that  “if you’re not on the first page of Google, you do not exist” . If all these claims may be true why we have to choose between SEO and Content Marketing?

The merger of SEO and Content Marketing as a solution

Far from burying the SEO at the expense of maximizing the importance of Marketing Content, we can say that are complementary currents to the point of being able to merge . In addition, since Google rewards the quality and the exponential growth of social networks, how to do SEO has changed coming to merge with each other. The merge maximizes the virtues and minimizes the disadvantages of the two streams. The SMO (Social Media Optimizing) concept could be the result of the union of the two streams.

Content marketing can generate SEO SEO but can not generate content.

Personally, I believe that this is the key to success Marketing Content. War SEO is the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as the Content Marketing is outnumbered. What in 2011 and 2012 it seemed a fad in 2013 is confirmed to be a reality and the results can be amazing content, as indicated in the article  “All experts support the importance and relevance of the Content Marketing”

Over information existing network by saturation content can be a double-edged sword for this emerging power that has not yet peaked. Although only expected to make filter time making stay and endure the contents that add value as a brand differentiation.

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