Content curation, the humble part of content marketing

The content curation is the basic ingredient that enriches your content marketing strategy. Users actively demand information quality, and appreciate that those brands that continue to provide them interesting pieces for them, even without his signature as creators.

The exercise of content curation is as healthy as recommended. Provides a complete view of the sector, can provide additional information, Drink primary sources, such as media, government entities or agencies data, and dress with a touch of entertainment to make it more palatable consumption information.

Share only content itself has two major drawbacks: firstly, it is very costly to generate the wealth of information that users demand, and, secondly, speaking only voice transmits an inbred and closed little humble image and can eventually generate distrust in the recipient.

Content curation, the humble part of content marketingHow much content is necessary to share a day?

According to a report by Trap! T, more than half of marketers (57%) believe you should share at least 10 pieces of content a day to keep the engagement with customers. For 74% of them, the content curation is an important part of its strategy, for which 54% uses automation, in order to perform this task more effectively. 29% acknowledge that your company loses too much on manual search for these pearls of information.

On the other hand, 60% of respondents agree that it is difficult to find truly original content, do not use your competition as well. A fact that further complicates the information saturation (53%), hampering the activity of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Requirements to be met by quality content

The image prevails over any other content. 82% of marketers indicated that based on photos and video content are more likely to impact users.

The content must be adapted to the target audience, for greater effectiveness. 31% of marketers think that personalization decisive influence when reaching the recipient.

Mobile devices have significantly changed the way people search, consume and share content. 49% say it is necessary to take into account the needs and behavior of these users when designing a content strategy.

Marketers are clear that it is necessary to continue investing in content marketing in your online marketing strategy. Thus, 42% say it will increase its budget for this area; a game that 31% of them draw traditional marketing budget. This increased investment in content marketing is not just about money but also time. 47% of respondents expect to spend 30% more time to optimize your content strategy.

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