Basic guide to understanding mobile marketing

Relatively recently it fell into my hands a statistic that pointed out that about 40% of marketers consider mobile marketing a very interesting but in future key channel. In my opinion and according to the following statistics I consider it a present reality:

– The mobile marketing ad spending in 2012 was 27 million dollars

– 37% of mobile users already have a Smartphone

– 48% of this segment uses to get coupons online

– 59% performs some action: look for shops, shop, compare prices …

Basic Guide to Understanding Mobile MarketingThis particular channel offers some advantages to take into account such as:

– Penetration 100% market share. There are already more mobile users

– Customize much your marketing actions

– Permanent connection: Users consult your mobile many more times your PC

– Geolocation: launches offers to users near to your point of sale

– When we consult the mobile most times we are in an advanced stage of our procurement process and that it should seize advertisers

At one level, to bring us into this the most logical market would adapt our regular website mobile considering that some of the most important points is to be loaded easily, has a simple navigation options clear search facility to to click with the thumb and focused towards conversion (make a purchase or fill out a contact).

On a second level, it is useful to get a glimpse of the funnel or buying process in the market of mobile marketing, mobile users follow different processes. If the marketing manager has in mind when designing this funnel its strategy, increase effectiveness ratio:

On a third level, there are a variety of options to explore that should not go unnoticed, I will summarize in the following points:

– If the mobile is going to be strategic the recommended option is to design your own “app”There are numerous agencies apps developers can advise you in this matter because it is invalid a simple adaptation of your website..

– If you have a trade your most attractive option is to launch a campaign coupons to users near your location.

– You also have available the banners campaigns and paid search listings.

– I also recommend the inclusion of QR codes on business cards

As you can see, and there are many options available for mobile marketing, although this industry is burgeoning and we will offer improvements in the following fields:

– Tracking: get more tools for tracking campaigns

– Mobile Payments

– Retargeting: continue hearing about different ways to retrieve users who already were in contact with our company but no conversion

– Real time biding: Negotiations RTB

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