Advertising digital media investment grows 21%

The association of advertising, marketing and digital communications today introduced the Study of Advertising Investment in Digital Media (total 2015), developed in collaboration with PWC. The total investment data in digital advertising in 2015 was of 1,289.2 M $, a figure that includes investment in Desktop (1,168 M $), Mobile (78.4 M $), Digital Signage (35.6 M $) Audio Online (4.6M $) and Connected TV (1.2 M $), which means an increase of 21% over 2014. Note that the digital advertising represents a share of 25% of the total investment advertising, consolidating its second position in the ranking of media.

As regards Mobile, investment has reached 78.4 M $, assuming a growth of 82%, which breaks down to 34.7 M $ in the display, 36,5 M $ in search and 7,1 M $ video.

Digital MarketingIn addition, this year as new investment data included in Audio Online (4.6 M $) and Connected TV (1.2 M $), which added to Digital Signage, offer a wider version of the advertising market.

Investment in Desktop

Desktop advertising investment has reached 1,168 M $ and distributed at 439.2 M $ in display (34.06%), 612.3 M $ in search (47.4%) and 117.1 M $ (9.08%) video.

Automotive, Technology, Telecommunications, and Financial Services & Insurance are the three sectors that have invested in the display, and account for 44% of total investment.

Regarding the pricing model, CPM (cost per thousand) is still the most widespread use model with a 54.34%, values ​​very similar to 2014. It is followed by time, fixed and sponsorships with 21.40% and CPC one 13.90%.

In terms of programmatic buying, there has been a rising from 9.35% in 2014 to 13.86% in 2015. Although the data amounts increase, most of the purchase were negotiated in 2015, with 86.14% in 2015.

Investment in video continues its remarkable growth, reaching 117.16 M $ meaning 11% of the display investment.

Mobile investment

Investment in Mobile in 2015 has increased by 82% compared to 2014 based on trends provided by the participating agencies, amounting to 78.4 M $. The display formats concentrated 34.8 M $ of investment, compared to 36.5 M $ to 7.1 M $ search and video.

Following in the Mobile field, according to data from Study invest more in mobile web (69%) than advertising apps (31%)

In terms of sectors, the three that have invested in mobile display 2015, have been Automotive (33%), others (17%) and Technology and Communications (10%). In search, it highlights Automotive (24,3%), Others (14%) followed by Technology and Communication (11.4%). Regarding investment in mobile video Automotive (34%), Food and Beverage (15%) are outstanding.

Pricing model highlight is the CPM (cost per thousand) with a 72% weight in investment, followed by (Cost per View) CPV with 18%. Programmatic buying in mobile has been a 10%, and the media where more has been invested have been the media, with 52%.

Investment in Digital Signage

This is the third year that this study the data inversion Digital Signage is provided, considering the 35.6 M $, an increase of 11% over the previous year and a market share of the total investment of 2.8 %.

Investment Connected TV and Audio Online

For the first time advertising investment, data are shown in reaching Online Audio 4.6 M $ and Connected TV, with a total of 1.2 M $.

Native Advertising

The study does not have investment data in native advertising, but through widespread market feedback, a notable presence of native advertising in 2016 closely linked to the investment in content by advertisers is expected.

It is very remarkable that the online sector has been the only means to increase its market share in total advertising investment. Advertisers increasingly are favoring digital media, and have the willingness to further increase their investments as online sector professionals are able to respond to their main needs.”

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