8 Keys of effective lead generation campaign

Prospecting campaigns accounts have become one of the key to generating leads within organizations with B2B business activities. The objectives pursued are on the one hand, obtaining qualified account information, key people, structures, projects and investment plans, mainly, but also detect a possible interest about the services or products of our organization. In such campaigns every organization presents its own needs and their own objectives.

In the next post we will try to give eight recommendations to launch a campaign of this kind, using the combined services of specialized telemarketing, e-mail marketing and social networks, and thus achieve a KPI (Key Performance Indicator ) above the average for this type of action.

8 Keys of effective lead generation campaign1- Plan you ar realistic campaign goals, both aligned positioning of the company and its offering, as to the conditions and KPI’s the type of marketing activity that arises performed. This first step, though obvious, isnot always done in the most convenient form and is usually the main reason for discontent.

2- Choose an appropriate entry strategy into account. Not only it is necessary to fix the number and type of target account prospecting, segmented by some of the classic variables (turnover, number of employees, NCEA classification or sector, nationality, etc ..) but also define the strategy entry in the account. This requires choosing between two options: 1-botton-up Strategy (entering lower levels to go up within the organization to the decision maker 2- Strategy Top-down (the opposite)..

3- correctly profiles Define key accounts within target prospecting. This will help for example telemarketing team to know exactly who the caller and what their precise responsibilities.

EJ: Level Address% u2013% u2013 Decision maker Director of Infrastructure.

Intermediate level Prescriptor1% u2013% u2013 Security Officer, …

Another way to do this is definition a matrix RACI and specify that charges comply roles to Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed.

4- conveniently Choosing the offering, message and door opener . You have to think that people with responsibility for purchasing or prescription within organizations, are constantly impacted by marketing campaigns (up to 20 commercial calls can Terner CIO secretary of organization week).Offer something new, attractive and designed specifically for the campaign and the party is absolutely necessary. For example; design a Product Bundlebased on price valid only during campaign time. You also need to choose a creative message supported by the realization of algúnmaterial communication (video, computer graphics, catalog, white paper, ..) and select a door opener creative you provide will be heard.

5- Making a correct categorization of Lead ( Lead Scoring ). This is a crucial section that depends on the scope of the campaign and the quantitative and qualitative objectives thereof. However, we recommend always; clearly define what we consider a lead, give different values ​​to each of them, depending on the degree of interest that demonstrates the prospectus and finally, define thresholds to establish at what level, a lead is suitably qualified.

6- Establish the process as automated as possible, inexactitudes marketing take place depending on the category of lead that we have generated. At this point it is converting leads into real business opportunities ( lead nurturing ), optimizing the most of our investment in marketing. The techniques can be used; Email marketing, telemarketing and marketing specialized content, mainly. Not all techniques are likely to be implemented in all campaigns. Besides a precise analysis of the purchasing behavior of our customers (will require customer Jorney), at least its initial stages.

 7- Use of a coordinated communication resources of the company, including social networks. Once we have completed the planning phase, only missing communicate the start of the campaign. This communication should be done in two directions. 1. Towards our commercial department and / or other areas involved. 2. Go to the rest of the market. For this, you should use the channels and corporate resources at our disposal, basically;Corporate website (including a campaign Landing Page), Blog, newsletters, etc. We can also use our company’s profile in social networks, especially Linkedin to increase the dissemination of the campaign.

8- Establish a flexible measuring system. It is important to control at all times what is going on with our campaign. I recommend at least ask your marketing agency and a weekly progress report, as well as a daily communication on leads obtained and most important contingencies. In this way, we can respond in time to the most “hot” leads and have our outstanding commercial area of the results that are obtained.

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