4 Factors that determine our influence on the net

If we want our company stand out from the competition it is important to work the ability to influence consumers. In the current context we must not only be efficient in the development of business it is important to excel in our industry to be able to influence our audience. The influence may be the subtle difference that will make consumers opt for our brand instead of opting for the competition.

The development of the Internet and social networks are an important factor that we can manage to achieve this goal. To do this we must be able to identify ourselves as a credible, attractive, accessible business and knows how to handle conflict situations.

4 Factors that determine our influence on the net4 Factors that determine our influence on the net


To achieve reflect an image of credibility in internet must appear before our target as competent. Demonstrated experience and reliability are factors that will help us be valued positively and thus to improve the level of credibility. We can not fall into the mistake of using internet to proclaim from the rooftops how well we do our job (as it would achieve the opposite effect) but we must try to prove it. To do we try to keep our customers informed of the achievements and successes taking care not to appear arrogant. To do the same with the “influencers” or public figures reference.For example, if we work for a company that sells sportswear we can use social networks to report the excellent performance of Rafa Nadal in the last Grand Slam or the great work he did in their game against the Bulls Chicago.


A maximum of emotional marketing is to try to associate a brand with emotions, feelings or positive values. We must analyze our company to identify those specific values ​​that we represent and we want to convey to the public, such as: respect, justice, cooperation, honesty, trust, commitment, efficiency, discipline, … Once you’ve made this selection must try these values ​​pervade all our publications on social networks, corporate blog, web pages, …


Before the advent of social networking users saw marks as inaccessible.One of the advantages of new media is its ability to connect with the audience, but also that the public can easily contact us. We will try by all means to promote this two-way relationship, since failure to do so our corporate image could be seriously damaged. Being in constant touch with the needs of our audience, offer solutions tailored to their needs and pursue a policy of personalized attention on social networks are crucial aspects to consider us as a brand close and accessible

Conflict management

Having an active presence on the Internet and social networks can be a major boost to enhance the brand image, but also involves risks. There are many companies that have suffered major crises brand in social networks, which can result in a significant deterioration of the image and credibility.We must try by all means to avoid these situations. If they happen we must be prepared and follow a proper protocol for action, designed to counter the possible negative effects or conflicts arising from this situation.Recognize mistakes and provide credible explanations are fundamental aspects. If we have doubts about how to act in these situations it is interesting to analyze how they have reacted other companies or brands in similar circumstances.

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