With Crisis, More Exchange

The business exchange system continues its good progress despite the crisis. Compensa, the pioneer batering company, grew by 38% in 2008 to reach 12,000,000. of dollars billed.

In this time of crisis, it is difficult to find a company whose good progress has not been interrupted by the current economic situation. Between benefit reductions and budget cuts, companies try to overcome market turbulence.

Hence, they resort to options such as the exchange system by which a company can buy and invest in what it needs to pay with its products, that is, without affecting its liquidity.

With an average annual growth of 30% since its inception, Compensa has achieved a turnover of 12,000,000 dollars in 2008, representing 38% more than the previous year.

The number of Compensa customers increased by 8% in 2008 while the number of operations increased by 23%, which means that not only more companies have gone into trading but the existing ones are now more active . The result is a turnover of 24,000,000 dollars.

The key to this success lies in a business that offers great advantages to its customers: it allows to cover expenses without disbursing cash, it acts as a commercial antenna offering access to new clients, it allows to exit the stock without resorting to the discount and widens the marketing budget since through Compensa a media plan can be obtained in exchange.

In this sense, advertising remains the leading sector of the stock market, with an increase of 47% in the number of clients that carry out exchange operations related to advertising. On the other hand, sectors that are traditionally less active in the system, such as automobiles, are now in second place in the ranking of operations carried out. To this, we must add computing and office automation and hotels and restaurants, which are increasingly active and interested in the system.

“Many companies resorted to Compensa punctually as a way to obtain a competitive advantage,” says Marcos Ruiz Chitty managing partner of the exchange exchange “however, currently have items in their budgets dedicated to the exchange and work with us systematically”

“In addition, the current economic situation has favored many companies finally decide to test the system,” adds Alejandro Ruiz Chitty, his brother and managing partner, “although most of our customers are long-term and know that the exchange system makes a difference also in good times ”

As data, the bartering partners of IRTA (international exchange association) managed in 2008 operations between more than 400,000 companies worldwide and it is estimated that they obtained for their clients, a profit that exceeded ten billion dollars.

In short, the figures show the consolidation of the exchange system as a tool for systematic use by companies to alleviate a liquidity crisis that shakes international markets on a daily basis. And, in the middle of a crisis like the current one, companies are struggling more and more to obtain a competitive advantage.

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