What is a Brand Impersonation Attack?

A brand impersonation attack is when a marketing executive of a particular product impersonates another brand in an attempt to drum up business for their own product. It is unethical and deceptive. It happens when they advertise their product as the best in the marketplace or that theirs is the only “new and improved” product. The fact is that they are not following the ethical standard of business practice and using underhand tactics to gain a competitive advantage.

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With business being increasingly carried out online, brand impersonation is a serious problem. A fake online site or social media account can claim to be something they are not, send out malicious mailings and attempt to defraud the customers of the brand being impersonated. During busy shopping periods online, it is too easy for shoppers to be taken advantage of in this manner. For help with cyber security and Cyber Liability Insurance, visit a site like JMP Cyber

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With brand impersonation attacks, a marketing executive uses something very similar in sound or look to another company’s name or symbol to get their business. This hurts the credibility of the original brand because they are being used by someone who is not interested in the product. The end result of brand impersonation attacks is a loss of revenue and profit for the original brand as the company that is being impersonated. It is unethical, deceptive, and must be stopped.

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