What industries use pneumatic conveying systems

Pneumatic conveying devicesĀ  like the ones that are available from www.aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems are used in a number of different industries where there is a need to transport bulky materials. This can include moving powders, grains, pellets and granules. The systems are made from air pressure that helps to move the materials through pipeworks and ducts from a loading area to the place in which they will be used.

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Here are some of the industries that use these types of systems.

Food processing – ingredients such as flours, spices, grains and powders can be moved safely and hygienically across food processing plants.This means that contamination risks are almost completely removed from the food manufacturing process.

Chemical – again powders and granules can be moved effectively and safely in chemical plants, This allows the company to adhere to often stringent safety and hygiene standards and also helps to ensure the safety of the products and the employees.

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Pharmaceutical – powdered drugs and ingredients are often moved using conveying systems. Again these systems help to keep the items safe from contamination and they also help to keep staff members safe whilst they are working with the ingredients and manufacturing the drugs.

Cement and building materials – cement and other building materials such as limestone and sand can be incredibly difficult to move across manufacturing plants and they can also be hazardous to health if breathed in. This is where conveying systems can be incredibly useful for these types of industries.

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