What do the big brands to ensure good customer service?

Amazon or Apple is some of the most valued brands in the world. They are in terms of capital, with high stock valuations. They are also on issues of brand value and usually appear in very good positions (Apple is one of the common among winning) in the rankings of the most valuable brands. And, of course, they are by their own customers, who feel they are an example that other companies should look at when treating their own consumers. They are the mirror in which we should look at others. Amazon, for example, is the beacon that many buyers want to follow the other brands.

But what makes these brands are special? What they have in common when it comes to treating their customers that makes consumers feel better and more comfortable with them? Almost all of them – if not all – have a business strategy that puts the consumer at the center of their decisions. Their managers are usually executives very concerned about the customer experience and have instilled in its employees and in the philosophy of the company certain values about what to do. An article of FastCompany extracted the three values that are the common foundation of all these companies who have succeeded as good customer signatures.

What do the big brands to ensure good customer serviceBe the voice of the customer

In one of the most popular pieces of the very popular series Girls, the main character, Hannah Horvath, tells his parents (who look somewhat unbelievers) who want to be “the voice of his generation.” In the case of senior managers of successful companies, their goals are equally ambitious. Although they do not seek to be the voice of his generation, but his clients.

Managers who have managed their companies become examples of what to do in customer service are always ready to listen to the voice of their consumers and their opinions about what they are doing. They like not keep only the data (much to come thanks to effective tools of big data) but also have a more direct and real relationship with consumers. Some of them read the mails that are sent to the company by employees and sometimes (to the delight of journalists when these exchanges of messages are filtered to the press) respond to their own consumers.

Become concern in a matter of team

It matters little that for a CEO the consumer is the key point of the strategy if after workers do not see the same degree of importance: those responsible for these businesses have gotten their concern to become part of the corporate philosophy and that everyone has the same vision centered on the client.

Some of the strategies that follow these managers to achieve this are, for example, make their management teams and control spend some time reading the complaints and opinions of consumers or to make everyone has always present metrics consumer happiness with their services. Thus, everyone knows what is happening and can take the necessary decisions to resolve it. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, puts in its executive sessions recordings of good calls and bad of their call centers so you can see that the company is doing.

The views of consumers are taken into account when making decisions

Who are those who actually shape the future of a company? Consumers are. In companies that have put customers at the center of his philosophy, his views and his thoughts are not only taken into account on a daily basis but also influence the decision-making role in corporate governance.

New initiatives, new investments or major changes are made always thinking how they will affect the consumer and opine about it.

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