Tips for Running a Happy and Productive Workplace

Getting the office to become a happy place where people enjoy spending time is every boss’s dream! As well as making it a pleasant place to work, when people are happier, they tend to be more dynamic and productive. Here are a few ideas for how you can get your workplace feeling happier and working better…


Promote teambuilding – Getting staff to work well together as a team is crucial in an office environment. There are lots of ways that you can get staff to work as a team. Arranging team building days, quizzes, and creating teams within the office that are responsible for various things like recycling.

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Create a Pleasant Environment – When we are happy in our environment, we are generally happier. Good lighting is something that can have a huge affect on our mood, as well as comfortable seating – especially when in an office we spend the majority of time sitting down. Provide reception chairs and office chairs that are comfortable and support good posture.

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Have a Good Work/Life Balance – Workplaces that are understanding and flexible when it comes to providing a good work life balance are generally happier places to work – staff who can fit other responsibilities around work, such as childcare and school collections and drop offs tend to work better. We have seen this year that many workplaces can still run successfully when staff can work from home, so if this is something that staff feel would be a benefit, then consider keeping some days as work from home days.

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