Time for a change in your working life?

Are you looking for a new career, or maybe looking to work into a more satisfying and rewarding industry? Have you considered working in the care treatment sector?


Along with childcare, teaching and nursing, care work is among some of the most fulfilling jobs out there. Care work enables you to work with people who require different degrees of help to go about their everyday lives. Support Worker Jobs Gloucester way are certainly available.

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They have some of the advantages of working in this sector and why a job in treatment should be considered:


Working and qualifying – working in care will also give you the opportunity to work and practise while earning a recognised certification at the same time. Many apprenticeships are available in this form of work and you will be given many opportunities for continuous professional growth throughout your career.

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Rewarding – it is extremely rewarding to help another person go about their everyday life, as we have already described. Not only can you feel like you have made a difference to the day for individuals, but you find out a lot about other people and the struggles they face in life. You build a bond with them by getting to know these individuals, which then helps you to work more efficiently with their needs.


Flexible – if your own personal conditions mean that your regular 9-5pm working day can not be worked, then care work allows you greater hours of flexibility. Some people may need assistance with getting up in the morning and a bedtime routine, and overnight care may be needed for those with more complex needs. Shift work is also possible, meaning that you can change your working style to meet your personal needs and the needs of the organisation for which you work.

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