The fancy windows of Gloucester Cathedral

One of Gloucester greatest jewels is it’s mighty Cathedral. It was first laid down with foundations in 679 but wasn’t started properly until 1058. It dominates the landscape and the city with its medical splendour. One of its most amazing features is it’s stained glass windows. These are some of the greatest in Western Europe and it is the sight of many pilgrimages and general visits from tourists drawn to its incredible structure. You can bet that a Double Glazing Gloucester based firm like Firmfix would be more than happy to help out with any repairs that need to be made.

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The reason why stained glass is used so much in churches and cathedrals is that they are testaments to the glory of God. The actions of the Christian Saints, apostles and martyrs are the general subject featured. This is to inspire the visiting congregations to stay on the path of the righteousness and not deviate from it. It is also a great way of showing how rich the church was so they could afford the work being done.

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The cloisters and sides of the cathedral all feature stained glass but it is the East Window that is the most impressive. It is the same size as a Tennis court. It features God at the top with Jesus and all the saints and apostles right down to the Barons, the Clergy and the peasantry. It was done because one of it’s oldest residents is Edward the Second, King of England. A plain window would be a bit of a let down.

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