The companies that get the approval of the influencers constitute themselves as supermarkets

The ultimate goal of marketing is to achieve a favorable attitude towards the brand. The Social Media revolution has given users command, allowing them to stand as the main influencers. Now it is these brand advocates who, with their recommendations, are able to benefit brands. The companies that get the approval of the influencers are constituted as supermarks; they are installed under the protection of brand advocates.

The companies that get the approval of the influencers constitute themselves as supermarketsA study conducted by Wildfire among 10,000 Facebook campaigns carried out through its ad platform shows that the brands recommended by the influencers have a greater capacity to generate engagement. Each time a brand advocate shares, the message reaches another 14 people. The recommendations by these fans so committed to the brand makes the community grow; specifically, for every 10 brand advocates, links to the brand are created by 13 new fans.

This study also shows that a promotional campaign in social media gets three times more engagement from brand advocates than any other interaction in social profiles. How to become a superbrand? is achieved by giving life to your social profiles, with great efforts and creativity, to achieve notoriety and relevance, what characteristics must these social media actions have to reach out to influencers? here some of them:

It contributes great variety of actions to diversify the preferences and to catch the different types of fans.It adapts the content according to age, gender and, of course, geographical location. The greater the degree of specialization, the greater the chances of attracting a specific public and winning a vote of confidence. It is even advisable to adapt the same message to different formats, in order to reach different audiences and thereby achieve better results.

Invite to action. Do not wait for your users to move on their own initiative, it is proven that they convert more those actions that directly incite participation and sharing, request the Like or ask for the RT. You can also include an open question; the question is that they are considered alluded to, not leaving them impassive.

The power of the image becomes irresistible in social networks.A striking, different snapshot, using a humorous resource or a spectacular fact. The natural effect to see this type of content is to want to share it with your contacts. Give them reasons to take an active part and share your content.

100% updated information. In Social Media, what happened during the morning, is no longer relevant at dusk; in this environment, the most absolute news reigns. Take care that your content complies with this feature, including promotions. Do not keep your winter promotions in August, or talk about events that were forgotten.

Do not focus on a single social platform,diversify your campaign, promote it through all the networks at your fingertips. The larger the range, the more likely your campaign will be successful.

Create actions that differentiate you, that in themselves bring life to your profile ; they are the seed to reach notoriety and relevance online what campaigns do you do in Social Media? Do they have the expected impact?

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