Stuck for a gift for Dad or Grandad?

If you’ve reached that point with Christmas or a Birthday round the corner and you are completely stumped for a gift for Dad or Grandad look no further for we have a few ideas. It’s very easy to go for the usual mainstays of scotch, socks or a thriller by Tom Clancy or someone but that can be a bit predictable (even if socks are always needed, they really don’t mind the whiskey and Clancy is a very popular writer). Here are a few new ideas.

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  1. Aran Sweaters. Is he starting to look a bit shabby? These smart traditional Irish knitwear is one of the most stylish and refined that you can get. He’ll convince himself he’s the Captain of a ship or something.  Go to Shamrock Gift Aran Sweater to get one.
  2. An easel. Are you tired of him moaning about modern art? Why not let him see if he can do any better with a set of paints and an easel. He’ll soon be going all Monet over the slightest thing,

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  1. A really hard Jigsaw puzzle, This will keep him quiet over the next few weeks without a shadow of a doubt. Just don’t be there when he can’t find that final edge piece.
  2. An “experience day”. Depending on his age (and your budget) there is the chance that a driving instructor will put up with him for a few hours as he tries to thunder around a Motor racing circuit in a Ferrari or Caterham Seven. Who does he think he is Lewis Hamilton? (more like Lance Stroll).

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