Small businesses have big plans for marketing in 2016

2015 ended with a positive balance for small and medium enterprises. A fact that leads them to be optimistic about the new year begins, thereby allocating more resources to boost your business.

This is reflected in the survey conducted by Rocket Lawyer, which reflects that 4 out of 10 SMEs arises as main objective in 2014 to increase its brand presence by reversing your marketing budget.

Reinforce the marketing area listed as the top priority for these small businesses, far from investing in the development of new products (13.1%) or hiring new staff for the organization (6.3%).

Small businesses have big plans for marketing in 2016It is not the only study that highlights the purpose of SMEs. In mid-December, j2 Global study showed how to increase your online presence topped the list of priorities for 2014 Specifically, their data indicated that 28.7% of companies will focus particularly on developing and optimizing your website or online store , if any. On the other hand, 23.7% of these SMEs will direct its efforts in the new year begins to implement the techniques of e-mail marketing automation, in order to reach a more effective as its customers.

All things considered, it’s no wonder that these companies bet to improve its brand presence as a way to reach your target audience. The study published in November by BIA / Kelsey highlighted the effectiveness of online media as a way to reach the customer and achieve conversion.

Among its conclusions it noted that 3 out of 10 small and medium enterprises as excellent or extraordinary ROI achieved as a result of your advertising on Twitter. One thing that greatly improves in the case of Facebook, where nearly half of SMEs acknowledges having been a significant return on their investment. 26.1% claimed to have received between 10 and 19 times what was invested; while 19.3% indicated that they had obtained more than 20 times the amount of engagement. The percentage of companies that reported a positive ROI is significantly higher than the previous year (32%), increasing the chances that 2016 these figures will improve substantially.

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