Six out of ten advertisers will allocate more than 20% of their marketing budgets to social media

With most companies focusing their efforts on marketing actions on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, a third of them (36.1%) say they have been able to convert their connection to sales via social media., according to the latest R2integrated study.

For the aforementioned research, a survey was conducted to almost 300 marketing professionals who regularly use social networks, with a commercial objective.

Another 25.3% of advertisers interviewed by the consultancy indicated that they are adapting and are approaching to make sales via social media. However, 38.1% of respondents conclude that they would not make this conversion nor are they willing to use social networks in their business strategy.

More than four out of five advertisers (83%) interviewed revealed that they use a combination of the 3 most important social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – for their advertising and marketing actions.

When interviewees were asked which social media was among their preferences to reach their target audience, 45.9% of advertisers pointed to Facebook; Twitter was in second place with a percentage of 20.6% and finally the professional social network, LinkedIn, with 19.6%.

More than 43% of companies say they have a defined strategy in social media, the majority of advertisers (31.1%) use social media to publish content and for business development (27%).

Budgets for 2018

Six out of ten advertisers (61.8%) say that they will allocate more than 20% of their marketing budgets to social media and a quarter (25.7%) have indicated their intention to assign a 20- 40% of your annual budgets to social media.

Only 8.4% of advertisers plan to allocate 40 to 60% of their budgets to social networks.

In general, the intention of advertisers is to focus on web pages (35%) and search (20%) as their two main marketing channels.

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