Six considerations when choosing a courier service

If you are sending an important document or parcel, it is vital to know that your chosen courier service is swift, trustworthy, and reliable. Trying to decide between the wide selection of services available is not an easy task; however, let’s take a look at some of the factors you may want to consider.


Does your chosen courier work quickly and efficiently? A same day courier Leicester will manage their time and plan their routes so that they can always deliver your parcel on time, even in an emergency.

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People in the modern world expect 24/7 service. Choose a same day courier Leicester that can oblige, offering flexibility in where and when they pick up or deliver parcels to ensure you experience the minimum amount of inconvenience.


It is not easy being a courier. Having experience is invaluable for time management, big city navigation, and general problem solving. An established reputation allows you to view the courier’s track record and know they are reliable.

Value for money

Sometimes you need to spend more to guarantee a higher-quality courier. Trying to save costs in the short term can lead to long-term expense if something goes wrong. Good couriers will be transparent about their pricing so you know exactly what you will receive for your money.


Does your chosen courier service have policies on how to keep fragile or valuable packages safe? Are its couriers GPS tracked? Does it have certification and/or insurance to ensure you have redress if something goes wrong? You have rights under the Consumer Rights Act that they should uphold.

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Customer service

Does your courier make it easy to raise questions or concerns? Are they open and honest about their policies? Are they responsive to any issues and do they remain friendly and approachable whilst doing so? These are all good signs.

There is no way to be certain that you have picked the best courier until your parcel has been delivered; however, following this guide should improve your chances of finding a reliable option.

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