Making sure that the office is tidy

There are many things that an office owner and business owner can do to make sure that morale is as high as it can be. If you have an open plan office or one that uses pods and bays there needs to be some thought about where the colleagues will meet and speak. Here are just a few ideas as to what you can do to improve the lot of your office workers.

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  1. Keep the place very tidy and clean. Office Cleaning Tewkesbury based Intocleaning are one of the best companies around to help you with that. A tidy and smart looking office is by far the quickest and easiest way of making things better in the office. The environment that the colleagues find themselves in will  have a direct effect on the work ethic.
  2. Water coolers. Where would we be without the water cooler? Certain USA comedies and office dramas would be a lot harder to follow if there wasn’t the chat around the water cooler. It is where the folk gather and whether you agree or not people will need a spot to gossip.

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  1. Artwork and Plants. Whilst art is certainly a subjective thing to have around people certainly appreciate it when it is. It allows employees to think that you care more about them than just providing blank walls.
  2. Coffee machines.Everyone needs a recharge from time to time. Coffee and teas vending machines cut down on time wasted for a kettle to boil. Also they can give you more choice in terms of flavours. There may even be the opportunity to have soup.

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