Insights in production efficiency

In order for a manufacturing facility to operate efficiently, it is necessary to review existing processes, procedures, maintenance requirements and staff training and make any adjustments that are necessary should shortfalls be identified.

Incorporating lean manufacturing principles into your business’ everyday operations can have a significant effect on the efficiency and productivity of the business.

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Four ways of increasing production efficiency in a manufacturing business:

1. Streamline processes.

Identifying blockers in existing processes is key to resolving them. Where employees are regularly encountering the same issue in carrying out their daily activities, this issue needs to be resolved at the core. This will not only increase the morale of the workforce but also their productivity. In some circumstances, staff may require further training to address a particular issue rather than changing the procedure.

2. Proactive maintenance.

Waiting for machinery to break down before maintenance is performed is costly, both in terms of financial expenditure and downtime. Predictive maintenance can prevent issues from arising by triggering an alert when excessive wear, heat, or other issues are identified, allowing them to be resolved earlier and at a reduced cost. Identifying common causes of failure can also be helpful for enacting early resolutions through maintenance.

3. Automate repetitive functions.

By compiling data accumulated from employees and machinery, it is possible to identify processes and activities that are suitable for automating. Many organisations such as have realised impressive time and cost benefits from automating elements of their rubber moulding manufacturing processes.

4. Customer satisfaction.

A manufacturing business will only continue to exist into the future if there is customer demand for the products that it produces. It is important to maintain a key focus on customer satisfaction and to adjust the output as required to ensure that a ready market exists to receive it.

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These are but four ways in which manufacturing facilities can improve their productivity and performance. There are many other technologies and innovations that can be embraced and deliver impressive benefits. However, these ought to be considered by each individual business and supported by a cost-benefit analysis.

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