Importance of good product photos

If you are working with a Ecommerce Web Design Dublin company to have the perfect shop website created you will have probably already thought about the design elements of the site. These will likely include the colours and layout, but one other important element is that of the product photos.

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Product photos are the way in which potential customers can see the items that they want to purchase. There are a number of ways that this can be done and here are some ideas for you to take a look through and find the ones that are most appropriate for your company.

Standard shots – these types of shots usually involve taking the item and placing them in a light box or against a green screen to take some images. These are then uploaded to the website with a white background so that the colours of the products really stand out. In some cases these images will be taken from a number of different angles or they are accompanied with a video that will showcase the product in a 360 degree view.

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Luxury shots – these shots place the items in everyday use and create the desire to own them. This can mean placing them in a home set or using elements of nature in the image shots. These shots are popular because they allow people to see the items displayed in a setting that will be similar to how they will be used by the user. You may also like to visit our business category page for more articles like this one.

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