How to title to sell?

Are you really aware of how important the titles are in your posts or in your e-mails? Have you ever considered the number of potential clients you may be losing because you did not capture their attention or did not invest the time necessary to create an interesting title?

If you want your online business to be successful or your website to be read, you have to become a copywriter and learn the main techniques of persuasive writing. This means that you will have to be able to structure your texts in such a way that your potential clients are attracted and encouraged to know your product without you being explicitly selling anything.

One of the most important aspects that you must take care of, to be a good copywriter, are the titles and, in reality, this is one of the main mistakes made by many entrepreneurs or those responsible for web pages. The title of your sales letters or your post is essential because it is the first thing your potential customers read. I guarantee that if you do not manage to awaken your curiosity and be convincing, nobody will continue reading and you will be losing sales.
To write success stories you have to develop your empathic capacity and understand the psychology of your readers through these questions: “What is my potential client looking for?”, “What do you need?”, “What are your problems and what is can I do to solve them? ”

Tips for writing Persuasive Titles

  • Be attractive and awaken the curiosity of your readers, do not be original but try to convince them that it is worth listening to what you are going to tell them. Remember not to disclose the content of the email
  • Talk to them, not about you or your product. Keep in mind that the question that your potential customers will ask before reading your sales letter or your email will be: “What is this website for me?”. Respond directly to your reader and tell him what he has for him.
  • Express positive benefits As I said before, it is important that you understand the psychology of who is in front of you to know what may interest you and offer it to you. Always with positive affirmations and never using negatives.
  • If you have something new to offer, unleash it. For example, if the reason for your email is the presentation of a new product or an offer, indicate that it is so. Innovation and novelty are always favorable to attraction. As well as words related to discover, simplicity or fun. People do not want to complicate their lives, so if you talk to them about simple, simple or funny things, they will be giving you a reason to follow them.
  • Try to combine curiosity and benefits in just one title. It’s complicated, I’m aware of it, but it’s important. Invest as much time as necessary to find the right title. The title of your bulletins, posts or sales letters must be perfect, do 40 tests if necessary, but do not give up until you are convinced that you have found the ideal heading for your message.
  •  Include the keyword. Whenever possible, when it comes to titles of articles, include the key words of your business, in this way you will be helping to improve the positioning of your website.
  • Be concise. I do not ask you to use only one word because a minimum of description is necessary in the titles, but if you can say something with three words, do not say it with four words.

One last piece of advice that I would like to give you and that is not less important, is that it is always coherent and uses common sense. What do I mean ?, Well, never to promise anything in the title that can not keep in the text or, worse yet, does not fit the reality of your product or service. This is the easiest way to lose your credibility and to mess up your reputation as an entrepreneur.

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