How to Reduce the Risk of Having Pest Infestations in Your Workplace

A clean and tidy workplace is important for so many reasons – from improving the mood and the productivity of the staff to making a good impression on visitors, there are lots of reasons to ensure that your office is kept clean. Getting a professional like this office cleaning services Gloucester-based company to regularly come and keep the place clean and tidy will ensure that it is always a pleasant environment to be in.

Another big reason to ensure that you pay attention to hygiene in the workplace is to reduce the risk of a pest infestation. As well as being unpleasant, having pets in your environment can spread all sorts of diseases and if left unattended can be very difficult to control and eradicate. Pests that build nests such as rats and mice can also cause a lot of damage to the building, as well as to the equipment in the office.

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Firstly, most pests that live around humans are attracted to food. Storing food incorrectly is a definite way to attract them, so it is not advisable to keep food stored in desks where it is easily accessible to smaller creatures that are looking for a meal. If your office has a kitchen area, this should always be kept clean – ensure that sides are wipes down and cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products at the end of each day to make sure that it is hygienic and also to ensure that there are not bits of food debris in the area that could be an attraction to pests.

It is also wise to check around areas like furniture, as there are creatures like carpet beetles, and even bedbugs which can hitch a lift on people and bags and set up home in the crevices of the office. Once you have an infestation of pests in the furnishings, it can be costly and difficult to get rid of them, but if it is caught early, you have a better chance of doing so.

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Damp areas such as toilets and sinks are also an attractive proposition for pests such as cockroaches, so making sure that good hygiene is maintained in these areas will also help you to keep the place pest free.

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