How to Protect yourself from Burglars this Christmas

Burglaries are always a worry but, in the run up to Christmas, they are much more likely to happen. The lure of Christmas gifts and expensive items in the home attracts thieves – here are some ways that you can stay safe from burglars over the festive season….

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Check your Doors and Windows – Make sure that all of the locks on your doors and windows are working and never leave doors and windows unlocked, even when you are in the house or the garden.


Never Display anything – Seeing a Christmas tree with a pile of gifts beneath it or an empty box from an expensive games console can be all it takes to make a burglar target your home. Keep curtains closed if you have lots of gifts in your home, and never leave boxes or receipts in your bins outside the front of your home.

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Grow Spiky Plants – Many thieves will enter through a back garden as they have less chance of being seen. Growing spiky plants around your garden boundary will put a thief off climbing into your garden.


Don’t forget your Car – Don’t ever leave anything in your car of value. Particularly if items are on display, thieves will be much more likely to target your vehicle. Get a good car security system such as a ghost immobiliser from MPH and never be tempted to store Christmas gifts in the car, even for a short period of time.

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